Why should you bother trying to locate or trace buried cables or pipes?

Four simple reasons:

Most importantly - to avoid personal injury or death

Striking a buried utility can cause you serious personal injury. You can suffer severe burns from striking an electricity cable or cause a gas explosion if you strike a gas pipe.

Avoid financial penalties

A street-light cable strike can cost upwards of £1,600 (€2,000) to repair, and a fibre optic cable upwards of £40,000 (€50,000). Total repair costs, however, can run into hundreds of thousands of Pounds (or Euros), and you could be financially responsible for any claims from affected businesses through loss of services and downtime resulting from your cable strike. This alone has caused some companies to go out of business.

Avoid costly or time consuming delays

If you strike a buried cable or pipe you will need to stop work on site or in that area of the site until the utility has been repaired. You might then incur costs because of this or be fined by your customer for the delays to the work.

Avoid prosecution

Each country has its own laws and legislation surrounding health and safety and underground utilities. If you don’t adhere to these you could face prosecution and fines.

Is it really worth the risk not to check for buried cables or pipes before you excavate the ground?