Locate or trace a specific utility

Safely identify and locate a specific live utility.

In areas where buried utilities are highly congested (e.g. city centre) this is a safe and easy method to identify what utility is running where and in what direction. Standard locating methods will tell you where there are buried cables and pipes in your excavation area, but not what the type of utility it is. This method helps to overcome this issue.

Increases the thoroughness of your utility survey.

A Signal Clamp and Signal Transmitter are used along with the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT). They apply a signal to a specific utility so it can be located and traced with the CAT.

You might be able to see obvious signs that there are utilities running through an excavation area (e.g. drain covers in the road or an electricity box on the pavement). This method can be used to make sure these utilities are identified.

Why should I use this method?

  • Ideal for locating or tracing the path or direction for a specific utility.
  • Helps if you’re mapping an area and want to identify the specific types of utilities in the area.
  • Ideal solution in areas of highly congested buried cables or pipes.
  • Helps to increase the thoroughness of your utility survey.