Locate and trace a building's electricity supply

Be safe while excavating around buildings.

Almost all buildings will have utilities running in and out of them. If you are carrying out any excavation work in close proximity to a building you need to make sure that the buried cables or pipes are not struck. This is especially important for commercial buildings where a cable strike can have a big impact on the running of the business.

Easily identify the electricity cable.

A Property Connection Kit and Signal Transmitter are used along with the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT). They apply a signal to the mains electricity supply, which must be switched on and live, so it can be located and traced using the CAT.

Why should I use this method?

  • Quick, easy and reliable method to identify the electricity cable.
  • Electricity cables are one of the most deadly cables to strike and can cause serious burns or personal injury.
  • Ideal in areas with buried cables or pipes (e.g. city centre) - this method helps to identify the electricity supply only to the building you are interested in.