Before you start digging

Before you start digging. STOP and follow these five simple steps to make sure you stay safe.


  1. Mark out excavation area
    Mark out the area that you want to excavate so you know where you need to look for cables and pipes.
  2. Plans
    Make sure you have seen the plans for the utilities under the excavation area you have marked out.
  3. Risk assessment
    Risk assessments are required by law in some countries. If this is applicable to yours then make sure you do one before starting work. If you are unsure about whether you need to do one or not, always check before you start.
  4. Markers?
    Have a look around. Are there any markers or signs that there might be cables in the ground?
  5. Check your Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT)
    Is your CAT in good working order? Does it pass an Extended Self Test (EST)?