How do you safely and efficiently locate buried cables and pipes?


General Locating Methods

Before you start

Don’t start digging straight away. Consider these five simple things first.

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Quick and simple location method

Doing a basic search means you can quickly and easily locate buried utilities.

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How to do a sweep search and why

This is the most reliable way of detecting and pinpointing buried cables or pipes.

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How to do a parallel sweep and why

Allows you to cover a large area in a short period of time, finding all detectable utilities.

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How to perform specific locating methods

Non-metallic utilities

A Sonde can be used to apply to trace a non-conductive utility.

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Small diameter non-metallic utilities

Small diameter pipes can be tricky to locate and trace. This flexible solution eliminates the difficulties.

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A specific utility

In highly congested areas of buried cables and pipes, safely identify and locate live utilities.

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A building’s electricity supply

Quick, easy and reliable way to locate and trace an electricity supply.

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