Cable Avoidance Training?

Cable Avoidance Training?

The pitfalls of striking buried cables and pipes are well-known in terms of injury to site workers or disruption of supply. But what is probably less well known is how easy it is to guard against such situations.

Training helps to easily reduce the risk of cable strikes and to keep your workforce safe.

In the UK the Government Body the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that ”anyone who uses a locator should receive thorough training on its uses and limitations”. So if you are using cable avoidance equipment (CAT, Genny, Signal Transmitter, Sonde, Trace Rod, etc.) then you should be trained on how to use the equipment.

This type of training is called Cable Avoidance Training or CAT and Gennny Training and the courses are normally a half day. They should encompass both theoretical and practical elements and involve a test at the end. The course should cover:

  • Legislation
  • Safe system of work
  • Theory of operation
  • Use of locating devices
  • Locating methods

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